1. Purpose of the site

DanePubliczne.gov.pl is a site whose task is to gather in one place data important for the development of innovation in the state and the information society in one place.

We would like it to be the first place to visit by:

  • companies building innovative products and services;
  • citizens monitoring activity of their state;
  • civil servants looking for information they need.

The site has numerous technical functionalities enabling re-use of public information. The quality of data, accessibility and publication format are up to providers..

2. Legal basis

DanePubliczne.gov.pl meets the objectives of the Central Repository of Public Information as stipulated in the act on access to public information (Journal of Laws No. 112, item 1198 as amended) as one of modes of accessing and re-using public information.

Two ordinances were issued on the basis of the act:

The first ordinance specifies the technical standards of the site, i.e. how it works, how data is stored and described (so called metadata standard).

The remaining two which data is made available, how often it is updated and how to prepare it for publication.

3. How to use DanePubliczne.gov.pl

Datasets can be browsed by category, data provider, keywords as well by phrase using a search engine. Search results can be further filtered to find particular data.

Advanced users (e.g. app creators, developers) can use API whose specification is available at (http://docs.ckan.org/en/ckan-2.3.4/api/index.html).

Registration is not required to use the site. To gain additional functionalities like creating own dataset collections and tracking modifications of datates, register a user account.

4. Dataset providers

Datasets are provided by:

  1. government administration bodies;
  2. earmarked funds;
  3. Social Insurance Institution;
  4. Farmer's Social Security Fund;
  5. National Health Fund;
  6. state legal entities established under separate acts for public tasks execution, with the exception of universities, Polish Academy of Sciences and research units within the meaning of the Act of 30 April 2010. on the principles of financing science (Journal of Laws No. 96, item. 615, as amended - Amendments to the Act were published in Journal of Laws of 2011. No. 84, pos. 455 and No. 185, item. 1092 and 2013. pos. 675)

Data providers' task is to make data available, update and make sure it is available and downloadable. An up-to-date list of providers is available in Data providers section.

5. Privacy policy

The site uses cookies - text values stored by browser on user's device. The service has access to these values and uses them to handle logged-in users. By using DanePubliczne.gov.pl you express your consent to the use of cookies. You can change the settings for handling cookies in your browser.

6. Contact with data providers and site admin

If you have comments on data quality, you can contact person responsible for publication and updating. To do this, click the "Send feedback" button on dataset's page and describe your remarks in detail.

In the footer of the site you can find contact form to submit proposals of data that could be made available in the future. Click "Propose new dataset" link to show the form. Describe exactly what, data (in your opinion) should be made available in the portal. We will analyse submitted proposals and discuss with potential data providers the possibility to make them available..

Any questions on the functioning of the site should be sent to kontakt@danepubliczne.gov.pl.